Jan. 4th, 2012 10:30 pm
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One of these days I'll stop being frustrated with Damaged People, but it sure isn't today!

I'm running into this problem (...and have been for, oh, three years? Four?) where I have to balance:

1) Sam's extremely unhealthy and broken social conditioning with regards to sexuality,
2) Jack's extremely sketchy and unhealthy training in how to read and manipulate people, especially by using physicality,
3) Jack's background from a society in which sex has been depoliticized and stripped of a lot of its implication and assumption,
4) The fact that these two eventually do manage to form some sort of quasi-stable thing (as this is, wosscalled, a slash fic)
5) My own lack of experience/familiarity/comfort writing slashfic, and
6) An authorial awareness that, while this may present the appearance of working out in the end, THIS IS NOT REALLY HEALTHY AND THERE'S A REASON THE FIC IS CALLED "DAMAGED PEOPLE".

Basically, bluh, I feel like I'm not examining the ramifications of all of this enough, though probably if I did, it would cease to be a work of fiction and start being a series of essays. And I'd like to examine the ramifications through narrative, and find that I am unable to do this with the clarity or finesse I would prefer.


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