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2016-04-27 10:54 pm

Tell me, Lady...

Okay, no, seriously, which of you people got me started on the Steerswoman books? Because now I've read all four of them, and there aren't any more, and the mystery is still unraveling.

Why did you do this to me.

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2016-03-02 10:49 am

[Fic][SG1] V is for Vellum

V is for Vellum, by [personal profile] magibrain (T)

Summary: Heimdall holds the past close.
Word count: approx. 750 words
Characters: Heimdall, Freyr
Era: Season 5-6, just post-Revelations
Categories: Character study
Author's notes: I miss the Asgard.

Excerpt: Heimdall regarded him. The controlled mutations in their genome manifested in such strange and curious ways, sometimes – his own significantly divergent voice, Freyr's tendency toward cynicism. That faint pessimistic outlook made him a conservative military commander – adaptive, in its way.

Still. He missed much of the... wonder that Heimdall could see. He was not temperamentally suited to the sciences, as Heimdall was.

V is for Vellum )
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2016-01-05 07:47 pm

Fund Community Education, Get Original Fiction! (AKA) Fundraising with the Shared Worlds project

I'm selling a number of 3000-word (and potentially longer!) short science fiction/fantasy stories or scenes, inspired by prompts, for $30 each. These funded scenes will become part of the Shared Worlds canon, and the first ten purchased scenes will each be accompanied by a sketch by Oakland-area artist Davin Yant. The purchaser will receive the original sketch on a postcard.

This will raise funds for the Foundations educational system, a San Francisco Bay Area group focused on community-building, personal development, education, and safety within the Alternative Sexuality and Diverse Genders and Sexualities communities.

Read more and purchase a prompt here!

I had a lot of fun with an earlier Shared Worlds prompt call when I did it, and I'm looking forward to what will come from this fundraiser.
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2015-07-28 02:48 am

[Fic][SG1] Z is for Zenith

Title: Z is for Zenith
Summary: The sun also rises, and shines into the dark places on alien worlds, and delivers life-threatening amounts of thermal and ionizing radiation and maybe a minor revelation every once in a while.
Word count: ~1500
Characters: Daniel, Jack, Sam, Teal'c, an unnamed alien sun
Era: Early season 7
Categories: Vague angst? Character study?
Author's notes: I had a whole backstory for this involving ribbon worlds and the effects on global weather of same. All that backstory is basically Sir Not Appearing In This Film.

Excerpt: Somewhere in the darkness of an imperfect and incomplete recall was an understanding of this universe – his understanding; the sum of the things that he'd seen and he'd learned, and all the memories of all the different worlds he'd set foot upon. Every day a bit more of it rose to his conscious grasp, but it didn't come complete, and it didn't come easy.

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2014-12-04 10:29 pm

December Rambletopics Days - ...Whatever. ([personal profile] adraekh)

Final Fantasy VIII! Anything about Final Fantasy VIII!

Oh, FFVIII, my first great fandom love! This will contain spoilers, but if you haven't played the game, I'm going to guess it's not high on your priorities list.

I feel like addressing this one is going to delve into my early sexual confusion, the methods by which I could successfully interact with friends, the computer I had as a tiny magi, and the hilarity of an unexpected NORG.

Also, snipers using shotguns. SNIPERS USING SHOTGUNS. )

In writing this, I realized that I didn't have an FFVIII icon on this account, and I uploaded one. Then, as I was scrolling down my icons page, for an instant I thought my Sam Tyler icon had Balamb Garden in the background. I'd say I really need to write that fic now, except that I already did.

This post has been brought to you as a service of the December Posting Meme.
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2014-12-04 02:12 pm

December Rambletopics Days - What's the deal with White Collar? ([personal profile] thebaconfat)

[personal profile] thebaconfat: What's the deal with you and White Collar? I think i have maybe watched one episode but whenever you bring it up I'm startled because I never would have figured it would be a show you'd be into.

Ahaha, well, one thing you have to remember is that the things I tend to get wildly, fanficcingly into are the thigns that make me fall absolutely in love with their potential and then annoy me enough to make me go "I NEED TO FIX THIS. AND THIS. AND THIS AND THIS AND THIS." So this may turn into a post of me squeeing over half of the show and ranting about the rest. We'll see.

Anyway, on with the con. )

Hey, it was less ranty than I thought! More rambledy, though.

Of late I've been falling out of love with the ongoing White Collar canon, which is just normal progression for me with shows; I fell out of love with Stargate: SG-1 over late S7 through S8, and eventually just stopped watching. I took my gathered fandom love and headcanon and parked myself on a little parcel of magibrain land and just considered that my SG-1. In the grand scheme of things, I think my White Collar may be concentrated around in S2, with occasional forays out of it.

This post has been brought to you as a service of the December Posting Meme.
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2014-12-04 01:44 pm

Random things I vaguely want to write (or want someone else to write)

• An SG1 fic set in Ancient Egypt, wherein it turns out the Goa'uld are terrible at architecture and engineering (because of their habit of, you know, stealing all of their technology and not innovating), and so they have no idea how to actually build pyramids beyond going "Rargh! Humans! Build us a great platform!" So it would follow all the Egyptian engineers who had to design the Pyramids, solve the resource management issues, and manage conscription and labor. Because fuck you, alien conspiracy theories, the Egyptians were-too smart enough to pull that off and occasionally I come up with braintics to give agency back to people whom plot convenience has casually robbed of agency.

• A White Collar fic where some criminal trolls the police and eventually the FBI, in part by making latex fakes of Al Capone's fingerprints and using them to leave bewildering evidence at crime scenes.
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2014-12-04 12:35 pm

December posting meme!

I am feeling (perhaps unwisely) confident in my ability to get (non-fiction) stuff done! So I think I'll do a modified version of the December Days Posting Meme, modified on [personal profile] sholio's post:

no dates, no specific commitments to respond (that is, you may or may not get an answer), but ...

... is there anything you want to ask me about? Anything you'd like me to talk about in a post? [...]if there is anything you'd like me to talk about, feel free to prompt me and maybe I'll make a post about it. :)

Fandom stuff will go on [personal profile] magibrain, other stuff will go on [personal profile] magistrate. I reserve the right not to answer anything, but, y'know.

I am still working on all of the prompts from the Trick or Treat meme! I really am. I just had a week of sickness and then two weeks of depressive cycle, and at the moment rambling on about real-life stuff seems less terrifying than producing fiction. It'll clear up. Even if I may be delivering Halloween treats in January. :/
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2014-11-05 10:41 pm

This is just to say...

I still plan on eating the plums that are in the icebox, and which you were probably anticipating for Halloween – no. Wait. That's not right.

I still will be getting to all of the Trick or Treat meme ficlets! This week has just been ridiculous, and I'll be travelling from Friday through Monday. But I will write them. And people who haven't asked for a ficlet are still free to do so. I don't hate all of your prompts or anything, I've just been busy. :)
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2014-11-03 10:13 pm

[Fic][SG1] Y is for Yearling

Title: Y is for Yearling
Author: magistrate
Rating: T.
Genre: Character study. Shenanigans.
Beta: Upside-down in the desert.
Continuity: Canon-compliant.
Prerequisities: The movie, actually, mostly.
Summary: Sha'uri is woken in the middle of the night.
Disclaimer: I can't even keep up with what's going on with the Stargate movie-centric franchise these days – partially because I don't own it. The opinions expressed herein are the properties of the characters and not of Dave C. Avillo. Mastadges may spit. Questions, comments and kalasiris can be left in replies or directed to magistrata(at)gmail(dot)com. Thank you for reading!


Y is for Yearling )
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2014-10-28 11:31 am

That trick-or-treat meme!

You know the drill! Prompt me, and I'll write a snippet of fic for your candy bag. (Y'all should know the fandoms I write in now, and if you want an original snippet, I'll be happy to provide.)

Additionally, as I'm now staying with the former editor of a podcast, I have access to a fancy microphone which is no longer being used in the household. So if you'd like me to read something – say, up to 500 words? Flashfic, snippets of fic, my fic, your fic, poetry from around the web, Shakespearean monologues – you may request those, too!
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2014-10-25 11:18 pm

A thing! An incomplete A/B/O thing!

I am mostly posting here about this because some people wanted to be notified, but I have since lost track of who those people were. Hello, people. I hope you're paying attention to this journal.

But! I have posted the first of the (very incomplete) White Collar A/B/O braintics to AO3:

In which alpha, beta, and omega are psychological modes, not immutable biological characteristics – and omega swings are not an atypical response to psychological trauma. All of which adds up to no fun at all for Neal circa "Withdrawal".

And there is no sex.

Because I'm me.

...anyway, carry on.
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2014-10-18 11:47 am

AO3 Experts... assemble?

[EDIT: I have a braintics pseud now! Now we'll see how utterly ridiculous it gets. (For example: do I want to put the 10K RP fanfic tic up there? I... I might.) ]

H'okai so.

I have a crapton of scribbledy braintics, written out to varying degrees of incompleteness, which for one reason or another (vastly unconquerable scope, logical/logistical/self-indulgent problems inherent in the premise, loss of interest halfway through, etc.) will never actually turn into complete fics. They generally exist as patchy bits and bobs (and artefact of my nonlinear writing process) which I occasionally compare to ancient, fractured stone tablets from which you have to reconstruct the full story. Like the Epic of Gilgamesh. Or something.

For the most part, these languish in the depths of my Scrivener files or Gmail, and I occasionally share snippets. But it seems like a lot of them are in the most complete form they're likely to get into, and it seems like a shame that all that work results in nothing sharable – I mean, they routinely get up to many thousands of works. (Something like 30K for the ridiculous Sam Carter And Her Goa'uld Conquer the Galaxy thing; over 7k for the Angsty Neal Caffrey Almost Gets Eaten By Peter's Invisible Secret Dragon Friend thing.) And I imagine that they might tickle someone, so I've been tossing around the idea of archiving them somewhere. AO3 seems like the natural choice.

Thing is, I don't really want these mingling with the rest of my fiction; I'd like to offer the stuff that's actually a complete story on my profile, and have all of this ridiculousness somewhere partitioned off from it. A click away, p'raps. And I haven't used all of AO3's various features enough to know how to do that sort of thing. So.

How would I go about that? Would a pseud do what I'd want it to? Would I need a second account? Collections and the like would still show up in my main list of works, if I'm not mistaken – am I? Or am I just thinking of series, and confusing myself?

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2014-06-21 02:25 pm

Non-fandom fun stuff

For the next few days, I'm doing a prompt call at my (more) professional journal. Free snippets of fiction for prompting, and flash fiction/scenes of potential longer stories for donations.

As an added bonus, stories written for donations will become part of my Shared Worlds project, which aims to create a body of work that encourages transformative works and supports authors who want to write them commercially.

Basically, this is all part of my continued efforts to port some of the cool communal aspects of fanfiction into original fiction. Because c'mon, fandom has the right idea about some things.
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2014-06-07 11:03 pm

Further updates on the demographics generator.

Now the demographics generator has an option to use each option in a given category only once in the result set.

That means that if you have a "tropes" option set, say, and you're planning to use it to fill out a bingo card (as I did in my last example), you can click a clickybox and not have to worry about repeated tropes showing up on your eventual card. You can still freely rotate through three universes/fandoms, while making sure that every single trope prompt is different.

You could also conceivably do this to generate random casts of characters. So, you could have "protagonist", "sidekick," "antagonist", etc, make sure the generator only generates one listing for each of them, but randomize all the other attributes like gender, age, profession.

Or you could set two sets of "use each option only once" categories and have the algorithm decide who you need to marry, shag, and throw off a cliff.

miscellany )
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2014-06-06 03:55 pm

Continued fun with bingo and demographics generators!

Today, in an effort to avoid actually writing anything (because writing is scary), I programmed functionality into my demographics/random sets generator which let you import comma-delimited lists of values. This, combined with the option I worked up a while ago which let you import random sets from the demographics generator into the bingo generator, means that I can do wacky stuff like working up a bingo card with a bunch of randomly-generated sets of things like fandom, trope, and wordcount. See below:

I sound my fearsome procrastination across the land. )

Now, the demographics generator (unlike the bingo generator) is still in alpha, is desperately ugly, and lacks a ton of stuff that would make it easier to use – like, say, paging down to show you that your options have, in fact, been added when you click the button in the comma-delimited list options. That's because I'm a back-end developer by trade, and just getting jQuery to play nicely enough that it would import the comma-delimited list in the first place meant an hour of hand-to-hand coding. Nicer stuff will happen later, once my urge to procrastinate on writing exceeds my frustration with front-end technologies again.

But, you know, if this sort of challenge appeals to you, there's now a clunky interface on my site that allows you to set up bingo cards like this.

In other news, today I have learned that jQuery does not like passing data out of its AJAX scope, and that you have to tell it not to run its AJAX asynchronously if you actually want to provide its information to another part of your script. Even if that part of the script comes after the AJAX call. ...I feel like that one, I should have known.
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2014-05-26 06:56 pm

[Fic][SG1] J is for je ne sais quoi

Title: J is for je ne sais quoi
Author: magistrate
Rating: T.
Genre: Mostly talking. Character study, episode-related.
Beta: Can only control the host at night.
Continuity: Canon-compliant.
Prerequisities: Nightwalkers.
Summary: In which Jonas considers ethics, and when ethics feel wrong.
Disclaimer: You know, I write in all these different canons, and as far as I can tell the legal status of fanfiction is more or less the same in all of them. The opinions expressed herein are the properties of the characters and not of America, Bedrosia, or Kelowna. The difference between theory and practice is that in practice there's a difference between theory and practice. Ethics may confuse. Questions, comments and creeping suspicions can be left in replies or directed to magistrata(at)gmail(dot)com. Thank you for reading!


In which scientists play the most fun games. )
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2014-05-16 04:01 am

[Fic][SG1] Fire and Calm

Title: Fire and Calm
Rating: T.
Genre: Character study.
Beta: Only in spirit.
Continuity: So far as I know nothing directly contradicts canon, but I'm fuzzy on my Seasons 8-10.
Prerequisites: Maternal Instinct, assorted Bra'tac episodes here and there, Full Circle.
Summary: Daniel wasn't the only one who began a journey at Kheb.
Disclaimer: You must renounce evil to achieve oneness with Oma Desala. Likewise, MGM et al would have to renounce their copyright on Stargate and its associated characters before it had half a chance of somehow belonging to me. The opinions expressed herein are the properties of the characters and not of the tradition of Buddhism. Fic has not been proven to cause discarnation of laboratory mice. I wish I could have given you this beautiful moon. Questions, comments and confessions can be left in replies or directed to magistrata(at)gmail(dot)com. Thank you for reading.

Wordcount: About 4000.

Sleep frightened Bra'tac at first.  Perhaps it was because he knew that final sleep was approaching, the one from which he would never open his eyes; perhaps it was the theft of those precious hours he had used to spend in kel'no'reem, returning again and again to the center of himself to face the truths there.  Bra'tac had heard it said – heard even Teal'c say it, seeming to echo the words of Daniel Jackson – that dreams could teach, that dreams were messages from that place hidden beneath the surface of self. But neither Teal'c nor Bra'tac himself had ever been accustomed to traveling there without control.

It made it even more important to meditate when he could.

Read more... )
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2014-05-14 12:32 am

Welcome to the new age. The age of teddy bears with terrifying powers.

So I was looking up Kate Moreau's actress, because I was toying with the idea of doing some sort of Gunnerkrigg Court Realm of the Dead ficlet with her and I wanted to know which psychopomps would be fighting over her when some guy with a terrifying visage &/ bad costume showed up to offer her an out.

(That idea is backburnered because I realized I didn't have a plot for it. This happens surprisingly frequently.)

Anyway, I ran into the line, "At the end of 2012, Alex [Daddario] starred in the music video, "Imagine Dragons' Radioactive"."

Huh. Okay. I went to check that out.

This is one of those videos I've seen a grand total of once, both because I think the Lindsey Stirling version sounds better (strings! I fall so hard for string renditions of things) and because I'm not a big fan of the "pretty white girl, suffering white guys, and villainous brown men" imagery in the vid itself.

But... no, that's Kate. Engaging in some illicit underground muppet fighting. For the salvation of white guys and teddy bears everywhere. Not sure how to feel about this.

Part of me wants to prompt it as an AU on [ profile] collarcorner, and part of me wants to go back to pretending that actors only ever exist in one role shhhhh.