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One of my quirks with regards to White Collar is that I tend to think Neal is kinda overloaded on narrative shininess, and so even when it might seem more congruent to give him wacky supernatural stuff, I tend to balk and aim the supernatural stuff at whoever else is in the vicinity instead. Which mostly translates to Peter. Sometimes Peter and Diana both. (Unless the supernatural stuff inconveniences Neal in some way, like that braintic I have where Neal died at eighteen and then got accidentally resurrected.)

But, you know, it tickles me when Peter gets to hand-rear a dragon hatchling or gets solicited to perform Great Works for various deities or gets to be a BTR-style guardian angel or has made friends with the eldritch creature that lives in Records and has been granted superpowers or, you know, etc.

So today I got the idea that Peter should have draconic blood. And some people with draconic blood hoard gold or jewels or sports cars or cats or something, but Peter? Peter hoards evidence. Also puzzles. Clues. Unsolved mysteries books.

And then it just kept getting better.

• Mozzie claims to be descended from Cassandra. No one is ever sure whether or not to believe him; he tends to try to plate that as evidence that he's telling the truth. So it's entirely possible Mozzie has some oracular powers.

• Neal figures out the Peter thing when he cleverly-playfully lifts Peter's watch or something, and (as he's inspecting it to make a snarky comment) discovers that it's a medical alert watchband so if Peter ever ends up in the hospital, they'll know what kind of blood to give him. Neal kinda feels like an ass for that.

• The Caffrey box? Yeah, that's not Peter's only box. He probably has a storage facility somewhere full of evidence boxes. El only lets him keep a few of the most important ones in the house because otherwise the place would overflow.

• Peter gets assigned to the Evidence Warehouse. This is a bad idea. Neal comes to visit him at one point and finds him dopily blissed out in the stacks, cataloguing every counterfeit watch New York City has ever seen. They get him back to White Collar, and Peter's happy to be there – because it's Peter, and the chase is the thing – but evidence is all he'll smalltalk about for weeks.

• The lights go out in Power Play and Peter needs to pick a lock, so he just crouches down next to the door and breathes out little tongues of fire so he can see.

• Neal has to go to the hospital after the plane or the warehouse explosion, and ends up staying there for a while due to smoke inhalation. Peter visits. Neal wants to know how he never ends up dealing with any of this, and Peter is more or less "I eat smoke for breakfast." Because dragon.

• El gets Peter new puzzles, riddle books, and unsolved mysteries media for every birthday and anniversary, sometimes in conjunction with other gifts and sometimes not, and Peter is always ludicrously happy to receive them.

• Peter and Mozzie bond unexpectedly over the great historical mysteries like the Amelia Earhart disappearance or the current location of the Rubicon, and spend what Neal considers a disturbing amount of time swapping theories about them. And then Mozzie tries to bring Peter in on something like the faked moon landing, and Peter goes on an hours-long debunking rampage because EVIDENCE! Neal tries not to be around during these sessions. Eventually Mozzie just starts showing up at the Burkes' house and Elizabeth makes them all coffee and snacks and watches the show and pokes both of them with metaphorical sticks.

• After a while, Neal starts really noticing that Peter keeps swiping things like Neal's severed tie from On Guard and really wanting to swipe things like the dinosaur egg from Digging Deeper, and it stops being quirky and just gets really weird.

• It's entirely possible this is why Peter went for the anklet deal in the first place. Because Neal is a neverending source of clues and evidence, and that makes Peter a happy demidragon.

…though I feel like at some point I should give Jones some supernatural awesome, because poor Jones always gets left out.

Date: 2014-04-11 05:56 am (UTC)
sholio: Peter from White Collar in sunglasses (WhiteCollar-Peter in sunglasses)
From: [personal profile] sholio
.... this is the most adorable thing, omfg. :D :D :D This is so hilariously him. (Blissed-out dragon Peter in the evidence stacks, ahahahaha WOW.) And all the clue-stuff he hoards in canon!


Date: 2014-04-11 07:30 pm (UTC)
sholio: Peter from White Collar smiling (WhiteCollar-Peter)
From: [personal profile] sholio
I HAVE NO COMPLAINTS. and ahahaha YES. I can totally see Elizabeth coming down some morning to find that Peter has spread boxes of case files on the couch and is sleeping on them. (Peter: ".... this isn't very comfortable." El: *grabs phone for camera purposes*)

... also, I love that Neal likes to poke the (semi) dragon with sticks, and the dragon doesn't really mind.

Date: 2014-04-11 10:37 pm (UTC)
sholio: Peter and Elizabeth from White Collar (WhiteCollar-Peter El hug)
From: [personal profile] sholio
It is entirely possible that's what the mattress in Peter and El's bedroom is sitting on. She'd be a good sport about it, I think, especially if it stopped Peter from getting up 5 times a night to check that all his boxes were still secure in the closet.

Date: 2014-04-11 10:57 pm (UTC)
sholio: Elizabeth from White Collar, smiling (WhiteCollar-Elizabeth smiling)
From: [personal profile] sholio
ha, wow, yeah -- he probably has TONS of El stuff, going right back to his very first surveillance efforts. (It's kind of alarming/disturbing how well this all actually works with canon Peter - you don't really have to change ANYTHING!)


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