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You know, the worst part of this White Collar/Dangan Ronpa crossover is how everyone is so goddamn cute at the beginning, what with organizing into teams to explore their Super High-Level Office Dormitory Building, and, like, there's Elizabeth with a freaking label maker so they can label all the buttons in the elevator and Mozzie is theorizing about nanobots and Hughes has taken control of the rolling whiteboard and June is holding court in the conference room and you just know that in a chapter it's just going to be murder, murder everywhere.
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You know, I need to get over this thing where every time I watch something, I end up wanting to cross it over with White Collar. Sure, some of them work really well, but I do not have time to write all of them.

But, consider:

The Finder. Willa pickpockets Neal! Neal is confused as to how this is possible. And then Walter shows up unannounced in Neal's apartment and starts doing his Walter thing and just casually excavating all the secrets that stand between him and whatever he's looking for, and Neal has what he feels are legitimate questions about the whole thing.

Alphas. Hey, it takes place in NYC already! And Peter could know or know of Bill already, considering Bill is an FBI guy. Probably not working white collar crime – 'cause, I mean, Bill – but, you know. And Nina could put the whammy on Neal, and Mozzie would feel so, so very vindicated when the Alphas thing went public. And then it would turn out that Keller was the only one among them who was an alpha, and everyone would feel as though this was incredibly unfair.

Bones. Continuing my fascination with cross-canon FBI friendships/rivalries/awkwardness. I feel like Peter would derive endless amusement from Booth's relationship with his squints, his extremely unconventional partner, and pretty much all of the weirdness that goes on in his life (and Booth's frequent discomfort with said weirdness). And then Peter and Booth would both go bang their heads into walls when Bones and Neal decided that flirting with each other was the natural next course of action. ...and it would all be worth it for the look on Neal's face when Bones first stuck her hand into something bug-riddled and rotting.

Orange is the new Black. I just want you to consider the possibilites of Kate serving a sentence parallel to Neal's. We know it's a federal prison. (And oh, the extent to which Kate would not put up with Piper's well-meaning but privileged and often ignorant crap.)

Primeval. If any of you can say that you don't want to see the team dealing with prehistoric megafauna, I am going to suspect you of lying. (Again, Mozzie would be so, so happy!) And Peter would get the added fun of realizing that not only does he have to worry about his CI running off to Venice or something, he may have to worry about his CI running off to Venice through time. (If you ditch your anklet in the late Cretaceous, who is ever going to be able to track you?)

The Avengers. Because I like aftermath stories, and you can just imagine the gang looking out at their poor, abused city and wondering how to put it back together again, now that all the flashy heroics are done with.

I'm starting to suspect that White Collar just goes well, crossed over with anything.

(Fortunately, I got no ideas for a crossover after watching the first episode of Twin Peaks. Mostly because I'm still not sure what I the hell I was watching. *g*)

And we will just alllll pretend that I don't already have a Scrivener project with a Puella Magi ☆ Madoka Magica crossover started in it, because on a sliding scale of one to ridiculous, that one clocks in at a solid stop now.
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My editor-brain has gone to bed without taking my writer-brain with it, which is why I find myself contemplating a White Collar/Briarpatch crossover. (It'd be great. Neal has access to the Briarpatch, and the Light is in some way tied up with Kate, and Peter has no affinity for the Briarpatch at all but manages to find his way in there while searching for Neal and completely refuses to back down for a little thing like being inconceivably in over his head, and hijinks ensue. And Diana somehow ends up completely intimidating all the bears.)

I think this is symptomatic of some kind of weird reaction to writing in a fandom which isn't speculative fiction of any kind. I mean, the great bastions of my fandom work to date have been Final Fantasy VIII, Stargate SG-1, Torchwood/Doctor Who/Life On Mars as one giant amalgam, and a recurring theme of Silent Hill getting into everything. You know, the kind of fandoms where I can go all wacky with time loops and mind control and giant monsters and split threads of causality and stuff, without deviating that far from actual bounds of canon-established reality.

I think my brain just flat-out refuses to accept the real world as a template, and this is why my White Collar WIPs folder consists of a handful of short character studies, a complete re-write of half of Season 2 and all of Season 3, a fic in which Peter is a really atypical guardian angel, a fic that's three AUs that got in a car crash*, and a crossover with Puella Magi Madoka Magica, of all things. (Neal wanders into a Witch's Labyrinth. Hijinks... ensue? None of the main characters get to be magical girls. It's for the best, really.) And it's probably for the best that all the snippets with the White Collar guys having to deal with [community profile] damaged_people!Jack Harkness are remaining in the braintic purgatory of my Gmail where they belong.

*Back when I was learning about these things in highschool physics, a perfectly inelastic collision was described as one in which two objects collide, combine their momentum, and continue onward with a shared velocity. When the teacher asked for examples from the class, someone offered up "A guy getting impaled by a charging rhino?" I'm not sure why this popped into my head, other than the fact that the three-AU-pileup in that fic is pretty damn inelastic.

Anyway, I'm not sure why I'm writing this out to Dreamwidth, other than it being late and me not having gotten much sleep and everything seeming like a good idea right now. (But really, Neal-and-the-Briarpatch would just be fun to play with, even if it's not Tim Pratt's Briarpatch. And even if Neal as Br'er Rabbit kinda bucks the whole Neal-as-fox metaphor I have way too much fun poking at.)

Someone please tell me to quit the browser and go to sleep.

Current sleep-deprived typo correction count: 18
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Hey, look, I found a new fandom!

And immediately set about breaking things.

Title: Misfire
Rating: T.
Genre: Angst, primarily.
Beta: Er, gone?
Continuity: Goes AU at Point Blank.
Prerequisites: Up through Point Blank.
Summary: AU of Point Blank. A gun goes off, but Fowler isn't the one who catches the bullet.
Disclaimer: Fox and USA own White Collar; I just break things in their sandbox. The opinions expressed herein are the properties of the characters and not of Noah Emmerich. Always keep all firearms pointed in a safe direction. Questions, comments and spent cartridges can be left in replies or directed to magistrata(at)gmail(dot)com. Thank you for reading!

Neal Caffrey has a gun in his hand and all his bridges are burning. )


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