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My brain seems to have completely shut down for working on any sort of complete creative work. (Thanks, brain.) In an effort to try to get it doing something, I'm doing a snippet meme. So, if you care to, please:

1) Comment with the premise of a fic I would never write, or
2) Comment with the premise of a fic you wish I would write.

I will attempt to write a snippet of that fic. Probably not anything so formal as a drabble; just whatever bit first comes to mind.

For this experiment, let's say that anything goes. Request slash, request het, request smut, just be advised that I will probably find hilariously contrived ways of not actually writing romantic or sexy times.

White Collar, SG-1, original... hell, request fandoms for which I wrote back in antiquity (Final Fantasy VIII, Space: Above and Beyond), request fandoms I've fallen out of writing (Doctor Who, Torchwood, Life on Mars), request fandoms where I'm familiar enough with the canon to write something but never seem to write anything for for one reason or another (Alphas, Avatar: The Last Airbender) request fandoms where I have absolutely no grasp on how to write any of the characters or confidence to write them well and so the snippet I'd produce would probably be bizarre and OOC (MCU Captain America, Orphan Black, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Black Butler, Welcome to Night Vale, Dangan Ronpa). Chaos will ensue.

I'll try to write as many as I'm able to.
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This is the elevator that leads to the White Collar offices.
From this, we know that the floors at least go up to 24.
We don't see whether or not this is the top of the button plate, though.

For ficcing purposes, I need to know exactly how high the buttons on the plate go.

Larger image under cut.

I just want to do something screwy with the number of floors in this building. LOOKS LIKE HALF MY WORK'S BEEN DONE FOR ME. )

Considering that the sets and props department obviously didn't think I'd ever need to find out many floors were in the building by counting the buttons in the elevator, I decided to just ask the internet how many floors the NYC federal building has.

Cue Wikipedia:

The Jacob K. Javits Federal Office Building at 26 Federal Plaza on Foley Square in the Civic Center district of Manhattan, New York City houses many Federal government agencies, and, at over 41 stories, is the tallest federal building in the United States.


Sometimes I don't know why I bother doing research.

(Counting the windows suggests to me that "over 41 stories" means "41 floors of offices and a ground floor that probably has a lobby or something". I can work with that. Though I need to come up with a plausible reason for Neal to accidentally hit a floor button that's twenty floors off his actual destination.) (It would be a lot easier if the federal building were only 24 floors tall, to be honest.) (I wonder if I could just claim that it was. Would anyone except me care?) (I could claim that in White Collar 'verse, the federal building was at 41 Federal Plaza and had 26 stories...)
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Title: Many a Gleaming Golden Hoard
Rating: T.
Genre: Character study, collected vignettes, crackfic
Beta: Not even one-drop.
Continuity: Close-canon AU.
Wordcount: ~5,200.
Prerequisites: The series through the beginning of S4.
Summary: In which Mozzie may or may not have oracular powers, Peter is part-dragon, and Neal is longsuffering.
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters, I don't own the setting, I don't own the mythological creatures. The opinions expressed herein are the properties of the characters, and not of JRR Tolkien. Do not taunt Ninki Nanka. Questions, comments and chupacabras can be left in replies or directed to magistrata(at)gmail(dot)com. Thank you for reading!

Seriously though I had too much fun with this. )
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This is a very small photo appreciation post for White Collar's tendency to put Neal in scenes with people or objects which make him look like a tiny thing.

It just makes me really happy for reasons I can't articulate. )

That's it, White Collar writers. That's how to make me happy. Put Neal in a scene with someone 6'5", and/or with ostentatiously oversized furnishings.
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One of my quirks with regards to White Collar is that I tend to think Neal is kinda overloaded on narrative shininess, and so even when it might seem more congruent to give him wacky supernatural stuff, I tend to balk and aim the supernatural stuff at whoever else is in the vicinity instead. Which mostly translates to Peter. Sometimes Peter and Diana both. (Unless the supernatural stuff inconveniences Neal in some way, like that braintic I have where Neal died at eighteen and then got accidentally resurrected.)

But, you know, it tickles me when Peter gets to hand-rear a dragon hatchling or gets solicited to perform Great Works for various deities or gets to be a BTR-style guardian angel or has made friends with the eldritch creature that lives in Records and has been granted superpowers or, you know, etc.

So today I got the idea that Peter should have draconic blood. And some people with draconic blood hoard gold or jewels or sports cars or cats or something, but Peter? Peter hoards evidence. Also puzzles. Clues. Unsolved mysteries books.

And then it just kept getting better.

*My* draconic blood only makes me hoard ill-advised braintics. )

…though I feel like at some point I should give Jones some supernatural awesome, because poor Jones always gets left out.
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It's a peculiar feature of my writing style that I can get up to 20k on a project and not have the first chapter finished yet.

(The first chapter is not 20k words. The first chapter is only about 5.5k words, which still seems excessive to me, but whatever.)

This story, if I ever manage to finish it, is going to be stupidly long.

ETA for added fun... )
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...I find myself vaguely wanting to write A/B/O fic, except less with sex and more with navigating tricky power dynamics and slews of body dysphoria, and with a heavily tweaked version of the whole A/B/O premise.

(Basically, the idea in my brain is that Alpha, Beta and Omega are just psychophysical modes people operate in, and while people tend to have "baseline" modes that they operate in for long stretches – sometimes even their entire lives – people can switch from mode to mode in response to various physical or psychological stimuli. Like, a baseline beta might find themselves going omega or alpha after a major trauma, for example. And there would be drugs and such which could affect what mode people operated in. Plus, while the modes would have specific physiological effects – people operating in alpha mode might have overactive adrenal glands and produce more testosterone, while people operating in omega mode would experience heat and all its attendant fun – it would only affect personality in as much as, say, gayness does. In that there would be a ton of stereotypes and there would be established cultures which people might or might not do any social commerce with, and aside from that, it's not really something you could tell by looking at someone.)

(...though you could probably tell it by scent. Because that seems to be a thing?)

(Also, people would be able to resist physical urges, with varying degrees of difficulty from "I am having this strong craving right now!" to "I am experiencing this with the intensity of an addiction." And there would probably be a lot of discussion on medical and political stages about that.)

I don't know. I've read a grand total of two A/B/O fics in my life – feels like the start of something and The toppiest girl in the school, and ironically neither of them is for a fandom I'm actually in – and I feel like this may just be a continuation of my picking at the assumed conventions of tropes I don't actually write or read (see also), which always makes me feel a little weird. But I feel like, given some of the discussion in the prompt thread for feels like the start of something, it might be a weird little space to explore which other people are also interested in seeing explored. And it does seem like there's a healthy movement in A/B/O writing areas to dissect the heck out of the trope, from what I've read.

Of course, it also doesn't help that I already have way too many other projects clamoring for my attention. Including the one where Neal is stuck on a magical Greyhound for five years.

This is one of the ways you can tell I'm ace. I find tropes that are deeply rooted in kinky sex and then expend considerable time and energy carefully plucking out the sexybits so I can nest in the kinky power dynamics. <_< One of these days I'll write and post my WC OT3 fic and it will be 80,000 words of neither sex nor romance, continuing my trend of OT3 fic which is neither sex nor romance, and everyone will be able to tell me that I'm doing it wrong. AND I WILL LAUGH FROM ATOP MY ASEXY THRONE, I SHALL EAT THE CAKE THAT IS MY BIRTHRIGHT, AND KNOW THAT I AM THE OVERMIND, THE ETERNAL WILL OF THE ACE COMMU – no, wait, that got away from me, sorry.
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Title: Three Times Neal Ran (and one time he was found)
Rating: T.
Genre: Drama, character study, some angst, some action.
Beta: [personal profile] sholio read through this one, and helped me gently untangle some of the snarls!
Continuity: Wow, that's a difficult one. Pilot AU, Out of the Box AU, Wanted and Most Wanted AU, and then some mostly-canon-compliant stuff sometime early-mid S4 after Parting Shots but before Compromising Positions.
Prerequisites: Primarily the Pilot, Out of the Box, Wanted, and Most Wanted, though there are scattered references to other eps, and you should probably have watched through Parting Shots or a bunch of background references to canon are going to elude you.
Summary: There are times when you can run, times when you have to run, and times when you'd better pray to be found.
Disclaimer: I would never even dream of running off with White Collar; that's all Fox and USA. The opinions expressed herein are the properties of the characters and not of Mekhi Phifer. Objects in recollection may be closer than they appear. If fic is inhaled, call a poison-control center immediately. Questions, comments and construction equipment can be left in replies or directed to magistrata(at)gmail(dot)com. Thank you for reading!

1. WakingDreamwidthArchive
2. SearchingDreamwidthArchive
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You know, the worst part of this White Collar/Dangan Ronpa crossover is how everyone is so goddamn cute at the beginning, what with organizing into teams to explore their Super High-Level Office Dormitory Building, and, like, there's Elizabeth with a freaking label maker so they can label all the buttons in the elevator and Mozzie is theorizing about nanobots and Hughes has taken control of the rolling whiteboard and June is holding court in the conference room and you just know that in a chapter it's just going to be murder, murder everywhere.
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Title: Hound's Got the Hunter (and the hunter's got the gun)
Rating: T.
Genre: Character study, backstory, plotless bunches of talking
Beta: Slipped their surveilance.
Continuity: Should be canon-compliant, with no spoilers past "Forging Bonds".
Prerequisites: Forging Bonds
Summary: Neal and Mozzie have a conversation about the feds, and one in particular. (Pre-canon.)
Disclaimer: If I showed up at USA or Fox's door, they'd probably just send me on my way, not give me rights to this. The opinions expressed herein are the properties of the characters, and not of Jim Stafford. Don't keep your eyes on the shells. Don't keep your eyes on the cards. Questions, comments and criminal fraternities can be left in replies or directed to magistrata(at)gmail(dot)com. Thank you for reading!

Now if you're so foxy, and old Chief's so dumb, then why does that hound get the fox on the run? 'cause he's got the hunter and the hunter's got the gun – KA-BAM! Elimination! Lack of education. )
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Title: someone's dread and darling boy
Requestor: [personal profile] sholio
Request Link:
Prompt Details:deets. s5 finale spoilers. )

Rating: Yanked into an alternate universe where nothing makes sense and you're pretty sure everyone wants you dead? T, dammit.

Wordcount: 16,000

Additional Notes: This contains a great deal of magical detail cribbed from all manner of places – primarily the Lesser Key of Solomon – and a great deal of magical detail I made up on the spot. It should not be considered accurate or faithful to the traditions of ceremonial magic, goetic demonology, enochian magic, herbal magick, Catholic theology, or anything else.

Day One )

Day Two )

Day Three )

Epilogue )


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